Product Management

Strategy & Cross Functional Leadership. Deliver new products and features from backlog prioritized to exceed market expectations .

Product Marketing

Go to Market & Grow. Arm your Sales and Customer Success teams with the tools and content needed to close new and upsell opportunities.

Strategic Partner Relationships

Onboarding & Readiness. Maximize the success of your distribution and OEM partners with smooth and detailed go-to-market launches.

About Our Consultants

“Sabra is one of the most highly skilled and well-rounded product managers with whom I’ve ever worked. She has all the tools, knows when to use them, and consistently demonstrates the right combination of tenacity and organization to make things happen.”

VP Product & Marketing, SaaS and mobile app startup

“Sabra’s work was a prime example of the Pareto principle as applied to getting the most important work done with the least resources. She was self motivated and well organised, working diligently to understand her products and ensure goals added value to the company. She maintained composure and persisted against adversity when dealing with difficult outsourced providers and developers.”

Sr. Development Manager, consumer website and API startup

“Sabra is a highly respected and accomplished leader with a successful track record of managing a wide variety of products and projects. She excels by utilizing her comprehensive background of industry leading experience in product management, strategy, and marketing. Sabra’s commitment to innovating & championing process/product improvements has consistently led to both immediate & long term product success.”

Data Product Manager, consumer website and API startup

“Sabra brought tremendous enthusiasm and creativity to the job, was a team player, and consistently delivered above and beyond everyone’s expectations.”

Sales Director, data storage software company

“I worked with Sabra and she was awesome. Her attention to detail and ability to manage critical aspects of our business in a way that you could always count on her to get it done and get it done right. She is the kind of person that will think of the 3 things that no one else considered. She is smart and and a great person to have on your A team.”

VP, Business Development, data management startup

“Sabra has a balance between business and technical savvy. Her skills around the development of marketing material for complex verticals and markets was impressive. I have yet to find another marketing person capable of product technical marketing tools to Sabra’s level.”

BizDev Manager, data storage software company

“Sabra is very organized, thorough, and a valued member of any project team. She is professional in all her actions and in all communications. It would be a pleasure to work with Sabra again, given the opportunity.”

Program Manager, online SMB marketplace

“Sabra worked energetically and resourcefully to research market needs, formulated options and clearly communicated her vision to the team. She then creatively executed her ideas by setting up programs and leveraging social media.“

Board Member, Product Management Consortium

“Sabra impressed both customers and co-workers with her thoughtful, complete and considered approach to problem solving. She was tireless in bringing a project to satisfactory conclusion – even in the face of difficulties. She is insightful, balanced, and patient but never loses sight of desired goal. She is an effective communicator and easy to work with.”

VP, Sales, SaaS and mobile app startup

“Sabra excels at product and program management. Her management skills made projects go smoother and improved overall quality. Her knowledge of the industry and the application was impressive. Even with difficult and trying projects, it was always a pleasure to work with Sabra.

System Administrator, consumer website and API startup

“I would define the solution requirements, and Sabra would put the positioning and messaging behind them, enabling them to excel in the market. I was amazed at how well Sabra could focus the messaging down to the key differentiating points and work internally with the various groups to sell the messaging and execute related marketing programs.”

Technical Product Manager, data storage software company

“Sabra is an insightful Product Manager and uses her robust set of skills and tool sets to achieve a full product life cycle and development to its completion and success. In working with Sabra, I have found that a stone is never left unturned.”

Sales Engineer, SaaS and mobile app startup

“Sabra is a very detailed marketing/product support professional that is dedicated to driving results for any organization.”

Sales Director, SaaS and mobile app startup

“I appreciated Sabra’s style of product management. Sabra always took the time to answer my questions, trained me on the different solutions, made sure that I was informed about new and upcoming releases. She is very knowledgeable about the target and the industry players. She is a team player and I would enjoy working with her again.”

Regional Sales Director, SaaS and mobile app startup

“Sabra Goldick was indispensable to the success of Seattle GiveCamp. She led our marketing effort and headed a team of people promoting the event. Her savvy use of social media brought record numbers of software developers and non-profit partners together for the event. At the event, her energy and attention to detail kept things running smoothly. Her leadership skills, warmth, and intelligence would benefit any team.”

Team Lead, Seattle GiveCamp


Tech Startups

Have more business opportunities than FTEs?
Work with a flexible experienced consultant on a project basis, so your current startup team can successfully launch products and partners sooner.

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Lacking time to grow your existing products?
Free up your team by providing a consulting resource to help with everything from case studies to win/loss interviews to feature adoption.

Consulting Firms

Turning away clients when your staff is too busy?
Augment your consulting team with an experienced product and partner professional who can quickly ramp for your workflows.

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